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A Tiny Guide to Paris Shopping  

Bon department store ever! Check out more Paris shopping recommendations on machine washable whimsy

A comprehensive guide to shopping in Paris would require a textbook, not a blog post. Here are just a few of my favorites to start with, and you can explore the lovely Parisian streets and find your own faves!

Le Bon Marché is a lovely old department store in the Left Bank that puts all other department stores to shame. It’s largely unaffordable but oh so pretty. The building is beautiful and merchandise displays are incredibly creative and appealing. Make sure to visit the homewares level.
Paris shopping faves from photo courtesy of LVMHParis shopping faves from photo courtesy of LVMHParis shopping faves from photo courtesy of LVMHBon department store ever! Check out more Paris shopping recommendations on machine washable whimsyFirst 3 photos courtesy of LVMH


NAF NAF, Kookai, and Caroll:

These three chains are all owned by the same company, and all sell high-quality, stylish women’s clothes at reasonable prices. I go to these shops first in Paris and most of my favorite clothing are from these three! Each one has its own style and intended audience but I’ve found great buys at all of them.

NAF NAF is geared towards a younger crowd, with colorful apparel that’s trendy and fresh but very tasteful. The decor in the stores is worth going in to see!

Kookai‘s clothing is also bright and super stylish, but slightly more mature and probably geared toward 20-somethings. They have lots of classy and cute tops and dresses, and a great selection of scarves so you can really look Parisian!

Caroll is the most classic of the three, selling more mature pieces that are classy and very well-made. A great shop for stylish, tailored clothing that won’t go out of style.


Sabre has several little boutiques in Paris selling adorable homewares, including their signature rainbow of plastic flatware in multiple sizes, shapes, and finishes. Colorful, durable, and relatively inexpensive, I’ve bought several of their spoons and serving pieces and love them. They also sell great mugs, dishes, and other tableware.

IMG_8426.jpghopping faves in Paris, from machine washable whimsyIMG_8428.jpg


LE BHV MARAIS (or just BHV, pronounced bay-ash-vay) is a huge department store in Le Marais. They’ve got lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories across a reasonable but not cheap price range. It’s the stationary, fine arts, and creative hobbies floor that really gets me excited…they’ve got a huge variety of gorgeous paper goods and art supplies down there. I bought two little notebooks as a gift when I was there and they provided a sweet gift bag too! The homewares floor is lovely as well.

Paris shopping faves from photo courtesy of LE BHV MARAIS

FullSizeRender 28IMG_8469.jpg

Bombata laptop cases at BHV are retro and adorable! My mom has an orange one and gets compliments every time she uses it.


Exterior photo courtesy of BHV
Paris shopping faves, featuring Le Bon Marche, Kookai, BHV, and more! Paris is the perfect city for shopping and bringing home lots of gifts, clothing, accessories, and homewares. Great destination for style! Check out machine washable whimsy for more!


Instagram Recap: Paris

Some pictures from my recent trip to Paris! Paris Instagram Recap on machine washable whimsy

If you’ve been following machine washable whimsy on Instagram, you know that I just returned from Paris! It was a fabulous trip to a city that never fails to impress.
I took lots of pictures but here are the few that made it to Instagram. I’ll soon be sharing more of my trip and advice for Paris travel!