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Beautiful Desktop Wallpaper, as featured on

This is where I share any books, products, techniques or any other good stuff that I have enjoyed and would recommend to a friend. Share your own discoveries in the comments!

This bookBetter than Before by Gretchen Rubin is an incredible book on how habit formation can help us to make lasting change and reach our goals. This podcast explains the idea in a nutshell, though I wouldn’t say it’s a replacement for reading the book. (The podcast is available on iTunes as well)

Better Than Before, a self-help book by Gretchen Rubin. As featured on

This oil: I’ve never used essential oils before so I’m totally a newbie, but I love putting this lavender oil on my wrists before I go to sleep. It’s great for easing headaches and relieving tension.


These desktop wallpapers: A nice digital wallpaper is a little thing that can add a dose of pretty to your day. I love the huge variety that designlovefest provides–for free! This is the one I have on my laptop right now.

flower desktop.jpg

Have a great weekend!

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