Real Life Recommendations *1

This is where I share any books, products, techniques or other good stuff that I have enjoyed and would recommend to a friend. Share your own discoveries in the comments!

This curling iron. It’s been too long since I bought a new curling iron and this is a quality item and such a huge improvement over what I was using before. If you need more inspiration, Ulta has an amazing free gift deal going on right now!


This hand cream. I have tried many, many hand lotions and I always go back to this one. For real dry winter skin, nothing beats L’occitane 20% shea butter!


This blog post. The Everygirl is one of my favorite sources for inspiration and helpful life tips. I’ve been trying to keep to this list of “8 Things All Successful Women Do On Sunday.”

8 things all successful women do on sunday.jpg

photo via The Everygirl

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