5 Great Blog Posts to Read this Weekend

5 Great Blog Posts to Read this Weekend, including one on how to conquer busyness! Check out machinewashablewhimsy.com for more!


  1. I’ve read a lot of “how to blog” blog posts lately and found most of them to be lacking in solid, helpful information. This post, and others on the Freeborboleta blog, contain lots of tried-and-true tips and resources for navigating the world of blogging.

freeborboleta post, as featured on machinewashablewhimsy.com


2. This is a home I want to spend time in…check out this great post for more. Image via Coco Lapine Design.

image via coco lapine design, as featured on machinewashablewhimsy.com


3. MyDomaine is one of my favorite online resources for tips and inspiration. This post about female business leaders is awesome. Image via MyDomaine.

5 Great Blog Posts, from machine washable whimsy

4. Feeling busy? I loved this post on the effects of busyness and how to fight back.

The effects of being busy and how to reclaim your life! One of the 5 great blog posts featured here on machinewashablewhimsy.com

5. Here’s a great list of self-care ideas. At 101 options, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you!

5 Great Blog Posts to Read this Weekend, from machinewashablewhimsy.com


Happy Weekend!

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